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Technique: Tufa Casting

At Palms Trading Company, we have a wide selection of beautiful hand-crafted Native American Indian Jewelry. Some of the sterling silver jewelry we sell is made through the technique of tufa casting, a unique technique used by some Navajo artists to create intricate... Read more

Heishi Beading

At Palms Trading Company, we offer beautiful pieces of art from Native American Indian artisans. Many of these pieces of art are hand-crafted using techniques passed down through generations, just like the techniques used to create the heishi beads. Ancient Traditions... Read more

Silversmithing Technique: Sandcasting

The value of Native American Indian jewelry does not just come from the cost of the materials—the silver and the stones—used to make the piece. The value of each piece is also derived from the artistic tradition that inspired the piece and the craftsmanship that... Read more

Last Minute Holiday Help from Our Personal Shopper

Everyone has that hard-to-shop for friend or family member—the person who already has everything or doesn’t like “the usual” or for whom you just want to buy something other than a scarf. If you’re having trouble finding that perfect holiday gift for that special... Read more
Turquoise Energy and Beauty

Turquoise Energy and Beauty

As one of the premier traders of Native American Indian jewelry, Palms Trading Company has a very large selection of handmade turquoise jewelry crafted by Pueblo and Navajo artists. Still, the use of turquoise in jewelry is not a modern innovation. The energetic and... Read more
Mining and Classifying Turquoise

Mining and Classifying Turquoise

Although many stones are used in Native American Indian jewelry, one of the most used and recognized is turquoise. The gem, which is “a hydrous phosphate of aluminum, containing copper, iron and other minerals,” ranges in color from bright green to blue-tinted, the... Read more

Native American Indian Jewelry: Caring for Sterling Silver

Caring for sterling silver jewelry is essential in making sure it looks great and maintains value. Since many Native American jewelry pieces contain stones, great care must be taken to ensure the silver is cleaned without changing the color of the stone or otherwise... Read more

Fair Trade at Palms

October is Fair Trade Month. Fair trade recognizes the hard work and craftsmanship of farmers, artisans and workers by ensuring they are justly compensated for their products. Developing fair trade standards takes a substantial investment of time and money to make... Read more