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Entry 4 - Ilene M. - Palms Trading Company
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Entry 4 – Ilene M.

My Mother worked, had a wholesome, fresh-cooked meal on the table for my sisters and I, and even ironed my Father’s work clothes, but this is nothing compared to how wonderful she really was.

I never appreciated the scope of how much my Mother meant to me until she passed away years ago from breast cancer. (I only wish she were alive now to see my grandchildren, since she would spoil them like she did with my children).

My Mother is someone I aspire to be and have only become a half of what she was.

While suffering from breast cancer, my Mother took daily walks and left envelopes in the neighbors mailboxes in order they send a donation to the American Cancer Society.

My Mother was one of the founding members of Women In Business, and inspired me to own my own business years ago.

My Mother always stood up for neglected and abused children, which is why I believe I speak up when I now see a child in need, and found my “calling” as a teacher.

My Mother loved her grandchildren (my two children) and left a legacy of love for my grandchildren. (My 13 year old grandson often wants to see my Mother’s picture)

My Mother was a very religious person and accepted all religions, both monotheistic and those that are not. This is a lesson she taught well to me.

I truly miss my Mother. I am very fortunate to have some of her Native American jewelry that reminds me of her beauty. She wore her pieces proudly.

Although my Mother is no longer alive, winning this beautiful Native American piece would become a family heirloom that I would pass down to my daughter and then she in turn to my granddaughters, in addition to the treasured pieces that were once worn by my beautiful Mother.

Thank you