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Hopi Squat Jar by Pam Tahbo - Palms Trading Company
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Hopi Squat Jar by Pam Tahbo

Hopi Squat Jar by Pam Tahbo


Artist: Pam Tahbo

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This stunning Hopi vessel was previously owned and part of a wonderful collection. The piece was handcoiled and painted by very well known artist, Pam Tahbo. It has a lovely, smaller squat vase or jar shape and is beautifully polished over a lovely buff colored slip. There are fire cloud markings on the surface of the piece indicating an outdoor fire. It is painted with a black and red geometric design taht extends outward from the rim giving it the look of a sun or life giver patter. It is signed by Pam as shown. 3 1/4” tall x 5 1/2” wide