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Hopi Jimmie Lucero Shalako Mana Kachina

Hopi Jimmie Lucero Shalako Mana Kachina


Artist: Jimmie Lucero

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The Shalako are believed to have first arrived at Zuni around 1840, and are the gods’ messengers who run back and forth all year long carrying messages, as well as bringing moisture and rain when needed. When they leave, they carry the Zunis’ prayers for rain with them. The Shalako Ceremony, performed in late November or early December,  is the most important event of the year for the Zuni, and because the Shalako are messengers to the gods, their departure at the ceremony is the final prayer for rain to fill the rivers, wells and springs before summer comes.  This incredible piece by Hopi carver Jimmie Lucero is carved by hand and features various colorful accents along its tableta and the base.  The body of the shalako is expertly carved with detailed feathers, while the base features a turtle carved out of wood and a colorful sunface at the forefront.  The piece spares no detail, carved along front and back, encompassing the importance of the shalako and the reverence the kachina is given.  10 1/2″ tall x 5 1/4″ wide.

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