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Acoma Judy Lewis Polychrome Corn Maiden Figurine - Palms Trading Company
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Acoma Judy Lewis Polychrome Corn Maiden Figurine

Acoma Judy Lewis Polychrome Corn Maiden Figurine


Artist: Judy Lewis

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In the Pueblo Native American culture, corn is to the people the very symbol of life. The Corn Maiden, “grandmother of the sun and the light,” brought this gift, and continues to bring the power of life to the people.  This gorgeous iteration of the Corn Maiden by Acoma potter Judy Lewis showcases a white background, painted beautifully in red, black, green, and yellow.  The front size of the maiden is predominantly white, showcasing delicate kernels along her entire body.  Her neck is painted with a small, grey squash blossom necklace, while a tableta is set atop her head, painted with two bear paws in black and accented in red.  Her eyes are expressive, her mouth slightly open, and her cheeks rosy.  The back and sides of the maiden feature a white husk, painted intricately in various traditional designs including quail, a butterfly, weather and feather patterns, and geometric designs.  8″ tall x 2 5/8″ wide x 2 1/2″ deep.

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