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Hopi Ernest Chapella Ahola (Chief) Kachina - Palms Trading Company

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Hopi Ernest Chapella Ahola (Chief) Kachina

Hopi Ernest Chapella Ahola (Chief) Kachina


Artist: Ernest Chapella

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Hopi carver Ernest Chapella, using traditional cottonwood root to create his pieces, showcases an incredible Chief, considered to represent great power of knowledge, in this beautiful iteration.  The Chief holds a spear in one hand and a corn cob in the other, a shawl draped around its shoulders and clothing carved around its waist.  Feathers surround the Chief’s head, which is painted in yellow, green, black and white, while a beak protrudes from the lower half of its face.  The body of the Chief is painted red, while the clothing around its waist, including sash, are painted in red, green and black.  It shawl is left unadorned, but is so expertly carved it appears to be creased in specific areas, adding movement to an already intricate carving.  11 3/4″ tall x 3 1/2″ wide.

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