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Navajo Arvin Morris Antelope Kachina Doll - Palms Trading Company
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Navajo Arvin Morris Antelope Kachina Doll

Navajo Arvin Morris Antelope Kachina Doll


Artist: Arvin Morris

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Bright and colorful, this unique Antelope Kachina by Navajo carver Arvin Morris features feather and leather adornments and is made of cottonwood root.  The antelope’s face is painted white, featuring black eyes and nose and red accents, with the head surrounded at the back and top by feathers.  Two black antlers protrude from the top of the head, while the entire body of the antelope is pained light blue and white.  The antelope holds a feather in one and and a rattle in the other, its waist covered by a swath of white leather, painted turquoise, red, and black.  Leather adornments also surround its arms, wrists, knees, and ankles, and the antelope kachina is said to bring rain, and dance to increase the population of its kind.  12″ tall x 5″ wide.

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