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Navajo Arvin Morris White Ogre Kachina - Palms Trading Company
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Navajo Arvin Morris White Ogre Kachina

Navajo Arvin Morris White Ogre Kachina


Artist: Arvin Morris

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Featuring vibrant colors and many details, this White Ogre kachina was carved by Navajo artist Arvin Morris.  The piece showcases a brown and white body, adorned with fabrix, leather, and feathers.  The White Ogre is said to discipline village children and keep them safe, and this piece holds what appears to be a rattle in one hand, and a leather whip in the other.  Fabric also adorns the kachina’s feet, knees, wrists, and biceps, and a purple piece is slung across its body.  White leather covers the kachina’s lower half, painted in step and geometric patterns in red, black, and white, while a green sash dotted with sterling silver buttons rests along the waist.  The piece is finished with protruding eyes and mouth, the face painted in black and white and feathers and fur surrounding its neck and head.  11 1/2″ tall x 4″ wide.

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