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Zuni Abby Quam (Panteah) Spotted Jasper Owl - Palms Trading Company
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Zuni Abby Quam (Panteah) Spotted Jasper Owl

Zuni Abby Quam (Panteah) Spotted Jasper Owl


Artist: Abby Quam (Panteah)

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The owl is the great disciplinarian of the pueblo. He is strict and is said to see what others can not. The owl is also symbolic of pure wisdom which is needed when you are in a position of authority. This owl is carved from a beautiful piece of spotted Jasper and nicely polished. The unique shape is carved in a more contemporary way that reveals subtle detail. The breast of the owl is inlaid with a turquoise heart line that represents the spirit of life in all beings. The piece was carved by well known artist, Abby Quam who continues to captivate collectors with her beautiful designs and love of life and carving. 2” tall x 2” wide