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Zuni Jerrold Lahaleon Antler "Proud Deer" Fetish - Palms Trading Company
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Zuni Jerrold Lahaleon Antler “Proud Deer” Fetish

Zuni Jerrold Lahaleon Antler “Proud Deer” Fetish


Artist: Jerold Lahaleon

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The great deer is admired for it’s agility and speed. It is the epitome of self sacrifice for the good of the people. He embodies all that is good in man and is gentle and kind. This particular design is a symbol of triumph or the accomplishment of a great deed as the deer stands atop the pueblo. Though antler is harder to come by in New Mexico, it is still a favorite among carvers and collectors alike. The piece was made by well known Zuni Carver, Jerold Lahaleon. 6 3/4” tall x 2 1/2” wide